‘Excessive Force’: Private security firm uses ‘counter-terrorism measures’ against DAPL protesters

Katherine Frisk note: Much like the private mercenary armies employed in North Africa, the Middle East and now the Philippines to train ISIL terrorists, these (thugs) private “security companies” are not subject to government oversight, either in other countries or in the USA itself. The onus now rests on those who have suffered human rights abuses and the breaking of the law in any country, to take them to court and sue them, either in the USA, in the country effected or in an International court of law. The same applies to the private prison system. This is a further development of the TPP and the TTIP agreements, where corporations have more rights than governments and can sue the government of any country in their own law courts for loss of profits due to government regulations regarding minimum wage, health regulations, human rights legislation, laws enshrined in a Constitution and Bill of Rights and environmental laws.  It is basically part of the blueprint for a Corporate Fascist, One World Government and NWO model.


A private security firm in the US is accused of using counter-terrorism measures against people protesting against the DAPL. According to a leaked document, those demonstrating against the pipeline were compared to jihadi fighters – the story was first revealed by the online publication: The Intercept. RT’s Miguel Francis Santiago has more.




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