The Debate – EU-US Relations

Katherine Frisk note:It is clear that right from the get go, Trump and Merkel have not seen eye to eye.  I would like to suggest some other reasons.

Firstly Deutche Bank, one of the oldest banks in the world, that has not only been rigging the gold price, but has been involved in currency manipulation, and laundering money for ISIL terrorists.

And I would also like to refer back to that article , and I stress still unconfirmed, that the CIA ( the bad ones, who do not work for Wikileaks) and Germany ( see:  A Most Wanted Man, ) have built underground bases for the express purpose of training ISIL terrorists who have been shipped into Libya, Syria and Ukraine and funded with money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. Many Gulf State billionaires have large investments in European banking.

Germany since WW2 has had a close association with the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi sect and has a long history with Turkey. The objective has always been oil and gas pipelines from the Middle East and into Europe, specifically Germany. When Trump said, “Terrible, terrible,” was he really referring to cars?


The Debate – EU-US Relations

It was one of those statements that put many in shock and awe. Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel said: EU cannot completely rely on the US and Britain any more. She also said that that Europe must take its fate into its own hands after an ‘unsatisfactory’ G7 talks. In this edition of the debate, we’ll ask if this is political posturing, or was it just a bad G7 meeting, or is this spat between Angel Merkel and the US president Donald Trump. Guests: – Founder,, Jan Oberg (LUND) – Security Studies Program, MIT, Jim Walsh (BOSTON)



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