The International Crisis In Education Thanks To Common Core OBE Exports

Katherine Frisk: 

Countries around the world who have adopted in all or in part the US Common Core System of Education, also known as Outcome Based Education, are now realizing a crisis. In South Africa this was adopted after the end of Apartheid having been sold the idea that Black education under the previous government was inferior, while Common Core-OBE would be the saving grace.

Many educators were horrified by this system at the time, but they were shouting against the wind. In recent years the ANC has recognized that OBE is in fact far below the standards of what was once regarded, Black Education, as inferior and a white supremacist trap.

Many other countries around the world who adopted this form of education, after almost 30 years, in some cases longer, including in the USA, are now either totally reversing it or at least making attempts to reverse it in part. The tragedy is that instead of society moving forward to the future, we have taken three very large steps backwards, and lost three generations  of children who have been dumbed down and can no longer think for themselves.

Only in the last two days I came across these videos. They are well worth watching. Both involve other countries who have adopted the American model, to their detriment.





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