Braving bombs, bullets And tear gas – but still not ‘real’ journalists for Macron

In his latest attack on RT, French President Emmanuel Macron said the news outlet’s correspondents were not ‘real journalists.’ Some of the people he dismissed as non-professionals deliver reports while under threat from bombs and bullets.

Real journalists are the last thing that people like Macron and Mika Brzezinski support. They believe that controlling what people think through spinning the narrative and propaganda is their job, as opposed to truthful, honest, unbiased and accurate reporting.

There are many others not mentioned in this clip. By August 2014, fourteen journalists were either abducted or killed in Eastern Ukraine for reporting the facts on the ground.  The reality did not tally with what people like Macron and the bought and paid for propaganda MSM considered to be “real journalism.” Many of them worked for RT at one time or another.




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