Notice: We Will No Longer Be Posting Any Videos By George Webb

He has lived up to his Mossad pledge:” By way of deception we shall wage war.” There is no “Great Mossad.”9/11 was a lot of stuff! 





13 thoughts on “Notice: We Will No Longer Be Posting Any Videos By George Webb

  1. Is there such a thing as a ‘good’….MO-SADIST ?

    Earth’s ruling Demonic Warlords have stated for a century that ‘their’ planet can only support 600 million people (with a 1,500 family ruling elite) and the balance of humans must be rapidly exterminated. To achieve this NWO Dystopia the 0.1% need a faithful 1% to be lieutenants over the 10% left after the ‘operation’. Compartmentalized lieutenants may not have realized the Armageddon stage setting, which is now obvious. There is NO honor among thieves, and the Demonic Warlords are the world’s best thieves.

    At some point the lieutenants realize….if these demons willfully kill 90% of all humans, why not 91% ?

    Ask yourself, do you feel lucky, punk ?


    • @fauxscienceslayer: This threat of mass extermination of the world’s peoples by the elite does not make sense to me. If they(the elite) really had this goal, why would they keep letting us procreate and grow in numbers all these decades? Surely they could have killed us off many decades ago–with viruses or some such thing. Instead they keep allowing life-saving technology to be developed and used to extend all our lives.


    • Where did my first comment go? I asked why the elite hadn’t killed us all off decades ago–if that was their goal. Why have they let us procreate and grow, and let life-extending technologies be developed all these decades?


    • I am no longer posting because he has admitted to being connected to Mossad. Therefore I cannot trust the nature of his investigation as his loyalties are divided between the best interests of Israel and the best interests of the USA. I also found it extremely offensive when he ” flippantly” reffered to the ” New Mossad” being involved in blood diamonds and organ trafficking. As though all they need is a wrist slap for being ” naughty.” I guess being involved in 9/11 also only requires a wrist slap? This while the ” Great Mossad” are the good guys. It also seems as though the Mossad has adopted the CIA’s latest theme…. there are good CIA and bad CIA…. trust me I am good CIA. Looking back at history over the last 70 years you have to ask yourself, are there any good CIA/Mossad at all?


      • I found your site while attempting to find out who the hell is this george webb. He may be of an agency and also of an israel group also and I used to think as you do that all members of any certain group must be of bad intention. After all this complex truth and confusing connections are now coming out …as the house of cards falls down finally after 70 years, I think that we must realize that the truth is much more complex than we can even imagine.

        Maturity has taught me that there is Bad in every group of good people and there is good in every group of bad people. Like that metaphor of the eastern indian circle, cannot recall it’s name, sorry. the symbol for opposites, where circle is cut in two with a wave, and each half of circle, contains a dot or element of its opposite. I think this is the nature of our world and we are stuck with it. There is No pure Good and there is no pure Bad. I still do not know whether to trust him or not, but your site has given me additional information to think about. take care

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      • Thanks you for your comment. As I have already mentioned, I found his off hand remarks about blood diamonds and organ harvesting offensive. Never mind any of the other issues. Organ harvesting especially, is a criminal act and has been carried out during the civil war in Ukraine and is rife in eastern Europe, in Syria and Iraq, in Turkey and in Libya. Especially concerning is the number of orphans who have been subjected to this barbaric and criminal activity in the last 5 years due to these wars.

        Israel has been called out for organ harvesting of Palestinians who have died in that civil war that has been ongoing for 70 years. Many Palestinians who go to fetch the bodies of their families from Israeli morgues find them with body parts missing. You have approx 60 minutes to remove organs after someone has died for them still to be used in any transplants.

        As things stand and with the track record of both the CIA and Mossad, talking about ” good” and ” bad” people becomes pedestrian in light of the crimes that have been committed against humanity since the end of WW2 , by two intelligence agencies who claim to come from the ” civilized” world and are supposed to be there to protect and defend. If anything they both have become a major threat to all populations around the world. That either one or the other or both should be involved in organ harvesting should be a flashing red light to everyone as to the very dire situation humanity now finds itself in.

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      • Your reason sounds superficial to me. I believe Webb said he had done some volunteer work for Mossad years earlier but that he wasn’t and isn’t a member of Mossad. Webb often uses irony and speaks in reverse for the sake of emphasis, and I fear you are not catching the irony in many of his metaphors about organ harvesting and other crimes, which he strongly condemns. In any case, the important thing is, is he unobjective or slanting his investigation in any way? If he were cherry-picking evidence or making knowingly false or fake statements, I could agree with your decision. But as far as I can see, he is humble and open to all kinds of criticism from his partners and the crowdsource crowd. In fact, he constantly asks viewers to criticize him, and he often criticizes and improves his own hypotheses. And the best part of the investigation seems to be just starting, since he is now beginning to pull a lot of the details together into a unified hypothesis. I especially hope you will watch his wonderful new interview with Charles Ortel about corruption in the Clinton Foundation. It is full of food for thought. If you stop watching Webb, that is your freedom and, in my opinion, also your loss.


  2. Dear Editor,I have read your above explanations briefly outlining your reasons for not featuring the video series it self.I cant argue any point because I agree with every observation you shared. I am of a split mind on the detective drama played out before us. There are no mistakes made here by the by Mr Webb. The only mistakes are made by those drawn into the illusion of candid ,unguarded intimacy.I felt and perceived an ulterior motive driving the several narrative subtext which come to surface briefly like a wink ,nod or tell.Creating an impression that I was witnessing a “Psyop” or “School Play” in real time. Not only is Webb not “Jack Ryan”. He isn’t really interested in truth and justice or law and order in the on going battle of good over evil. No.I think this man is a rat. This is something else.So I request of you to reconsider you position in this small way.This entire series is a lot more than it appears an you ,we have before us to observe it objectively from this moment forward as it plays it self out. I don,t know how you may approach it ,but ,think it over for a day or two.


    • He has deleted a major portion of his earlier reports. Why is that? What were the key issues in the earlier reports that are not in the more recent ones? Perhaps someone who has the time and the inclination might want to investigate that. As I recall a major part was Haiti.

      In the mean time, human trafficking continues, the blood diamond industry in exchange for weapons for “terrorists” in the interests of political instability runs rife throughout Africa. Slavery is becoming the norm not the exception. Women and children are sold like cattle at sex trade markets. Organ harvesting has become an industry that is fast excelling narcotics in profitability world wide. This all the while US politics plays out like a soap opera for American entertainment and a distraction from the very real evil that is gripping the world. I wish that there was as much interest shown in these issues as there are in Clinton’s emails.

      “FBI Nabs Hillary Clinton “Lost” Emails In Surprise Raid On Huma Abedin Home”has been one of the top posts for the last three days.

      While very few have read:

      “ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Exposes US Ally for Running Global Sex Trafficking Ring (Video)”

      Why is that do you suppose?


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