Can Trump Save Us From UN Agenda 2030 SERFDOM?

This is a NEWS UPDATE: On Thursday at 3pm in the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump announced that the US will withdraw from the Paris Accord. The global climate agreement would have been the first step in a tyrannical slippery slope toward the full implementation of UN Agenda 2030 policies which are specifically designed to transform Westerners into third world serfs. The Paris Accord was the first step toward that globalist goal. As expected, Trump’s corrupt critics on this subject include a who’s who of the international bankster mafia, with Goldman Sach’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein leading the charge – followed by the nation states of Italy, France and Germany who are claiming that it’s too late and that the Paris Accord “CAN’T be renegotiated.” In this important news update we also cover the latest about “citizen investigator” George Webb, the crypto currencies, gold and more. Thanks for tuning in.



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