Bilderberg Group Members ACTUALLY SPEAK On The Record !!!

What little Luke could get out of them, and thank you Luke! Way to go! :

Klaas Knot President of the Dutch National BanK: ” lower international boundaries a bit,”  translated as globalization, no Nation State Sovereignty and pushing forward the TPP and TTIP agreements I am sure. He sees no conflict of interest… because even though he is Dutch, his Dutchness has no meaning in a One World Government.

Rivera Diaz, Albert, Spain, ” Talk about the future of the world.”  Has he asked you for your opinion yet?  Oops sorry, you do not count and you cannot know until after they have done it! Deplorables peasants and all that…

Legnet, Francois, Chief Economics Commentator Journalist from France: When asked if he was going to report on Bilderberg, replied, ” Naturally with the Chatham House Rules … yeah..” in other words, he is bound to secrecy and will not report on anything.

Gideon Rachman, Financial Times Journalist foreign affairs: ” The first meeting about the Trump administration…” basically he is against him. Not surprisingly supports the Climate Change Carbon tax rape the tax payers hoax! They never discussed Trump at the last meeting because he was not supposed to win!

Annie Loof, Sweden, ” Discussions about current issues… international… ”  Like maybe Assange slipping through their loop?

Dopher, Mathais, Germany, CEO Axel: None committal to anything. ” Interesting.”

Michale O’ Leary CEO Ryanair: In response to a conflict of interest, ” Absolutely not!” Another globalist. Asked why reporters who have been invited to attend and do not report on the meeting, he gave the standard response, ” Chatham House Rules.” A rule that can cover a huge amount of sins and doom us all in the future to slavery.

Hedegarrd, Connie: Says that she is ” a free person, now, during and afterwards.” Asked if she would give a statement afterwards replied, ” If there is something to give a statement about.” Careful Connie…. ask Michael Hastings and Seth Rich what happens to ” free people!”

Hoffman , Reid, Linkedln, Greylock: ” Great Weather,” does he know who engineers it? The same people who are promoting ” Climate Change” and the ” Carbon Tax Hoax.” Maybe they all had to pay extra for sunny skies? Unlike the meeting in St Petersberg Russia that is getting nailed with bad weather in summer?



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