Bilderberg Waging a ‘War on Information’

As elites from the financial, corporate, media and government spheres meet in private at the Bilderberg Group meeting this weekend, take a moment to remember the group’s history. To an outside observer, the most notable feature of the group is the collective power held by its members. The second most obvious thing would be the group’s secrecy, and maybe its decades of deceiving the public about its very existence.

from 21st Century Wire: 

It would seem the Bilderberg group was born with a smokescreen in its mouth; deception is in its very DNA.

Today, the cat is out of the bag and the group has been forced to concede its existence, but not much more. The agenda items they announce are so laughably broad and vague it renders them almost meaningless.

But this year they are discussing the ‘War on Information’. Given their history of deception, it is clear what side of that war they are on.

In 2014 Peter Thiel (in attendance this year; photo, left) told The Telegraph regarding the Bilderberg Group, “I think the striking thing is that there is no conspiracy; there is no plan, there is no strategy. We live in a world full of conspiracy theories but with very few old-fashioned conspiracies. If you think what political leaders have plans and are thinking about the future, you get the sense it may be true of Putin and the Chinese leadership, but that’s about it. The shocking thing is there is no plan at all.”

So Putin and the Chinese are the only ones with any plans? Never mind that the Pentagon has countless planners planning things all the time; some of them get published, and they often cover 20- or 30-year horizons, such as Owning the Weather in 2025, written in 1996. Never mind other plans such as Wesley Clark’s seven wars in five years, or the directive to invade Afghanistan, which was already on Bush’s desk days before 9/11 (as testified to by Donald Rumsfeld).

And what about globalism? Are we meant to believe that Bilderberg attendees – most of them avowed globalists – have been running our institutions all these decades, but that globalization happening at breakneck speed is just a coincidence? That’s right, says Mr Thiel. “There is no plan.”

Comments such as the one above from Peter Thiel are clearly only contemporary iterations of the same old smokescreen. But make no mistake: The Bilderberg Group has always been fighting a ‘war on information’.

Today their ‘war on information’ is code, a euphemism for what the establishment call #FakeNews. Their target here is the independent media – those thousands of bloggers they can’t buy or control. In short, it’s a war to tame free speech and analysis online.

More on this story from The Guardian


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