Another Western Failure in Syria (Video)

On June 5, a story of a boy from Aleppo, whose photo in August last year was massively published by the Western media. Then the image of five-year-old Omran became symbol of Syrian suffering. According to The Telegraph, the family of the five-year-old child, Omran Daqneesh, doesn’t intend to leave the country and supports the Syrian government, headed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

by Anna Jaunger , for The International Reporter:

In an interview to journalists, the father of the boy Mohammed Kheir Daqneesh stated that the Western countries had launched a large-scale information campaign against the Syrian government. To achieve their goals, they used a photo of his son.

We remind that this is not the only case when the West was accused of the creation of the staged footages to tarnish Assad’s government. In February, White Helmets produced a short documentary film about the Syrian ‘rescue group’ of the same name. It should be mentioned that it took the most well-known award in American cinema – Oscar. That time, many experts said that the eighty-ninth Academy Awards ceremony had been extremely politicized.

In addition, the same organization was convicted of lies at the end of March. Then its footage was criticized by Swedish Doctors for Human Rights. In its report, experts noted that those emergency resuscitation techniques, carried out by the activists, were nothing more than an imitation being used on already lifeless children.

In this regard, it is certainly that the next provocation of the West against Damascus turned out to be nothing more than a fake. Unfortunately, it does not surprise anyone. And no one will tell a true story about a boy from Aleppo.




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