US Spends $70 Billion To Influence Russian Election, Then Admits Its Own Nation Is Insane

United States has spent between $70-$100 billion to influence the election outcome in Russia—but then freely admits that the majority of its own American citizens are actually insane. According to this report, the Security Council today voiced “strong support” for lawmakers who are launching a dedicated commission to monitor foreign nations attempts to influence internal Russian politics and work on proposals to counter and prevent such moves—and that Speaker Valentina Matviyenko warned was a “grave threat” as up to $100 billion was sent to Russia from abroad each year “not for charity and not for social or medical aid, but for political activities.

from whatdoesitmean: 

As an example of how these foreign monies are being used to influence elections in Russia, this report explains, was yesterday’s protests organized by a minor political figure named Alexey Navalny—who though hailed in America as “the man Vladimir Putin fears most”, is actually barely known to the Russian people and is currently polling around 1-2 percent [English] ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Like all free and democratic societies, this report details, Russia has strict laws protecting the rights of citizens to protest—and was exampled yesterday by supporters of Navalny peacefully protesting in many Russian cities.

In Moscow yesterday, however, this report says, while Navalny was granted a permit to hold his protest on Sakharova Avenue, he, instead, and without warning, switched his event to Tverskaya (arguably Moscow’s main street), where a war reenactment festival, known as Vremena i Epokhi (Times and Epochs), had already been organized for this area long beforehand, with a couple of hundred thousand visitors expected.

Predictably though, this report continues, Western propaganda news organizations were present when Navalny was arrested for breaking his own protest permit guidelines, and who were also present at the Vremena i Epokhi festival where his barely 5,000 followers attempted to cause chaos among the 250,000 persons celebrating this Russian holiday—thus allowing the “fake news” media organization CNN to breathlessly tell its viewers the lie that hundreds of thousands of demonstrators could be mobilized, when nothing could be further from the truth.

To the American people being able to know the truth about this “fake news” propaganda being filled into their heads, this report sadly notes, is not to be seen as nearly all of them, on an hourly basis, are pummeled with lies and hysteria falsely claiming Russia interfered in their election—when the facts, instead, prove, beyond all doubt, that the US is world’s largest interferer in the elections of other nations, including last year in Israel where the Obama regime paid over $350,000 to destroy that nations prime minister.

At the exact same time that these American people are being brainwashed into believing every lie their “fake news” propaganda media tells them, this report continues, these people remain unaware that their leftist-communist “overlords” have classified nearly all of them as being insane.

Following the example of the Soviet Communists who invented “psychopathological mechanisms” in order to label all dissenters as being mentally ill, this report explains, so too in America are the vast majority of its citizens now being diagnosed as being insane—and as evidenced by the American Psychological Association classify anyone believing in God as being mentally ill, anyone who has conservative/traditional thoughts being mentally ill too, and anyone saying that climate change is a hoax now labeled as being insane also.

With up to 1-in-6 of these American peoples now being reported to be taking psychiatric drugs, this report concludes, their leftist-communist “overlords” have determined that even this staggering number isn’t large enough, so they’ve begun the mass drugging of their own children and babies too—and as evidenced by a US Federal lawsuit filed yesterday (12 May) by the Children’s Rights and the National Center for Youth Law who’ve accused the State of Missouri of putting 13,000 unsuspecting children into “chemical straightjackets in order to create an obedient generation of modern day slaves.


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