Dragnetting The Independent Media! All Hands On Deck!

by Katherine Frisk: 

Remember Fake News? Remember little Miss Melissa Zimdars who took up her pen and began to write? Remember how her list of Fake News sites went viral in November 2016? 

Many people in Independent Media were most disappointed that they had not made it onto the original list and decided that they would just have to work harder telling the truth.  Some of them to their relief, were added at a later date. Some even emailed little Miss Zim and asked to be added. If anything it became a badge of honour as opposed to the attempt to discredit them, especially amongst their readers and followers who have remained faithful and supportive for many years.

In the lead were 21st Century Wire, who has done incredible work in the last year covering the war in Syria.

Zero Hedge, the to go place for real news on the economy and international politics.

Breitbart and Steve Bannon who is now in the White House.

Natural News that over the years has exposed the criminality of genetically modified seeds and the patents that go with them as well as the dangers of vaccines that cause autism.

Veterans Today who has persistently and tenaciously exposed 9/11 as being an inside job along with being one of the few sites that has consistently supported the Palestinians.

And of course Infowars and Alex Jones….

Little Miss Zimdars achieved the exact opposite of her ambitions. If anything she gave Independent Media a wider audience than they already had. Mocking Bird CIA controlled propaganda media that has had the news in a vice grip in recent years, was suddenly challenged.

All of these sites, whether you agree or disagree with them, which is your prerogative, believe in two things. Freedom of speech and telling the truth as best they see it and interpret it. My personal view is to read everyone, listen to everyone with an open mind and then when I have looked at all sides, come to my own conclusions.

It has been my experience that I often learn more from those I disagree with for the simple reason that it helps me to consolidate my own views and why I have come to certain conclusions. If I did not read widely and watch news shows often way off the grid, I would, like most people in western societies, believe that the news feeds I was being fed were truthful, honest and accurate reporting. Which if we look at the facts on the ground, in many cases, clearly have not been.

 Poroshenko for example.

He stood up in the Ukraine Parliament and said that their children would be going to school, but the children in eastern Ukraine would be holed up in underground bunkers while he grad rocket shelled them.

This closed the chapter for me on any possibility of a civilized, intelligent and equitable agreement between Kiev and Donbass. Clearly the man was not interested in a political settlement, but rather on genocide.

A similar situation occurred in Gaza in 2012 and 2014, as well as the no compromise attitude of Tel Aviv towards an independent Palestinian State, their Apartheid policies and increased illegal occupation in the last 70 years of land on the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

But you will never see open discussions about the facts on the ground about either country in any Main Stream outlet in the west. The same can be said about the tragedy that is Syria and Iraq today. For any real information you have to look beyond the alphabet soup TV stations and the print media.

Hot on the heel of little Miss Zim came The Duran who also decided to make a list of Fake News sites. Those in the Independent Media immediately recognized  that this list was the real one! Some of the names on the list include Buzzfeed, CNN, Politico, New York Times and Reuters, the go to place for quick copy and paste headlines.

But Independent Media should have seen it coming. A major backlash has begun.

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen with their Jigsaw puzzle pieces, Movements.org and the monopolistic Google , have been tweaking the algorithms so that anything that they consider to be “fake news”  is well hidden and difficult to find whilst their agenda is prominent in the first few pages of any Internet search. No doubt further censorship was discussed at Bilderberg this year.

Net neutrality does not exist, so much for all the sacrifices made by Aaron Swartz who tragically took his own life due to inordinate and out of proportion legal pressure because he believed in freedom of information whilst others want to with hold it.

Facebook has made similar changes to the point where posts simply disappear off timelines. You Tube in turn has hit Independent Media where it hurts most. Their advertising revenue. Adverts are ripped from anything and anyone who they consider to be fake news.

Falsely accuse Russia of interfering with the US elections, and you will have no problems and make money.

Expose rampant pedophilia and human trafficking in western societies and you will lose your advertising revenue overnight.

In the UK Theresa May wants to tax the Internet, which is a contradiction in terms.

According to Schmidt Google’s use of artificial distinctions to avoid paying billions of pounds in Corporation tax owed by its UK operations is “capitalism” and that he was “very proud of it.”

This is not ” capitalism”with checks and balances against monopolies and healthy competition, this is hegemonic corporate fascism and all the censorship that goes with that in order to eliminate alternative options.

If May has her way, we will all being paying tax just to log  onto the Internet and allowed access to certain “politically correct” information and denied other information, whilst Google will never pay tax. We have now entered the world of George Orwell.

But there is something more sinister going on.

Independent Media is being surreptitiously and sometimes openly rounded up in a dragnet that either intends to silence them altogether, co-opt them or corrupt them into complying with the One World Order Agenda.

I started becoming aware of this at the beginning of the year and as the months have gone by it is clear that a strategy of war has been declared starting with on all those on Miss Zim’s list.

A friend who is an economic analyst was recently subjected to extortionists from whom he has managed to extricate himself. But he was so traumatized by the experience that his health has gone into serious decline and I am not only concerned for his welfare, but that his tremendous contribution over the years will be curtailed due to some very real and serious threats to his livelihood and possibly even to his life itself.

Another friend who has been able to offer real insight into the civil war in Ukraine thanks to the generous help of a sponsor, suddenly had this sponsorship withdrawn for no apparent reason and is now scrambling in order to get the funds together so that he can keep reporting on news that nobody in the west ever gets to hear about.

Others are suddenly being approached by the very people who in the past have been condemning them, attempting to curtail their activities online or restricting their advertising revenues. The promise of fame and wealth is dangled like a carrot in front of them. Whether this is to discredit them in any way possible, co-opt them, bribe them, threaten them or all of the above, is well within the range of possibilities.

Yet others are being falsely accused of being Russian agents.

The “Reds Under The Beds” fear mongering has now been brought out of Cold War storage, this when neither Russia nor China  are communist countries anymore and the West is no longer capitalist, but a corporate-fascist conglomerate of hegemonic monopolistic banks and corporations, most of whom do not contribute towards the countries in which they operate by paying taxes.

Dragnetting Independent Media is now in full force and truthful, honest and accurate reporting is not part of the “construct.”

News reporting has entered the realm of fantasy and fiction promoting propaganda aimed at dumbing down society into a compliant herd that is incapable of critical thinking.

Journalists no longer investigate any situation and report on the facts, but are employed to use their skills for creative writing with a set script often delivered to them by intelligence agencies who are in the employment of banks, corporations and the military industrial complex.

If ever we needed all hands on deck… it is now! 








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