Jim W Dean talks to RT International

Jim Dean: Today  I was able to catch their lead news story on the Syrian SU-22 shot down in southern Raqqa by a US coalition plane under the guise of force protection for the SDF. With the Syrians having to be aware the US was hoping and praying for a chance to shoot down one of their planes, and with the Russians doing such a good job at mapping the battle lines, I doubt that a Syrian pilot would want to bomb SDF troops when the army was on a roll retaking Syria’s oil fields in southern Raqqa, a critical item for their future economy. A Syrian report emerged late in the day that the plane had bombed an ISIS convoy heading south out of Raqqa. Gosh, could the US coalition have let an ISIS convoy pass through SDF lines as bait for the Syrian Air Force so we could down a plane? We should learn more tomorrow as the Russian drones might have captured the action, partly for events like this. It’s a nasty world out there folks … JD 




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