Norway: ‘Why would he fake it?’ Oliver Stone disputes Putin fake news allegation

American film director and producer Oliver Stone disputed a question on whether Russian President Vladimir Putin had showed him fake news in an interview at Starmus International festival in Trondheim on Wednesday. ‘Why would he fake it?’ Stone asked, before going on to say, “the Russians did very well in terms of damages to ISIS [Islamic State] in Syria, they bombed the shit out of Syria, and they did destroy the financial ability of the ISIS Empire to run oil to Turkey.” Journalists pressed the American director on his recent documentary, ‘The Putin Interviews’, asking specifically about a sequence in which Putin shows Stone footage on an alleged Russian aircraft attack on an alleged IS position in Syria. “I researched it [the documentary], I did the best I could and I think that it proves the old adage that there are two sides of every story”, Stone said.  The American director warned of the dangers of taking a “tough” approach as a journalist, thereby pushing away interviewees, arguing that “you cannot break the news into black and white”. “America in its media desires, has made it into a huge money making enterprise, huge, I mean the amount of money is beyond belief, and a lot is at stake”, he concluded.Begins at ( mins into video)


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