Eastern Ukraine-Donabss and Crimea Updates

Graham in Donbass (#47) Going to the LPR Furthest Frontline Position Today


Interview with a Russian Volunteer Fighter in Donbass, LPR (Eng subs)

Zhelebok, LPR Frontlines. 16th June, 2017.


Brit in Crimea: Radio Sputnik Interview, Behind the Scenes: See full interview here –



Crimea after 3 years of integration into Russia

Documentary mini series on Crimea after 3 years of integration into Russia


Crimea #2: Sevastopol Russia Day celebration


Crimea #3: Boat tour around Sevastopol



Crimea #4 a surprise lunch with dolphins in Sevastopol


Crimea #5 Ancient Greek village of Kherson in Sevastopol Crimea


Yalta Beach, talking Trump, Ukraine, & problems in Crimea (#6)




3 thoughts on “Eastern Ukraine-Donabss and Crimea Updates

  1. Interesting, but I was hoping to see more about Crimea, for example, how to get to Crimea, and how much it costs to stay there, and can I rent a car? Who care’s about Trump?


    • I think this is not a “holiday” guide, it is more an investigation as to how people on the streets feel about Crimea now that it is part of Russia. What is tragic is that a short distance away, the people in Donestsk and Lugansk are being subjected to constant grad rocket helling by Kiev. The difference between the two is stark…. so is the difference between the economy in Crimea and the economy in western Ukraine that is basically on its knees.


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