Middle East War Updates Syria, Iraq And Israel ( Videos)

Syrian War Report – June 28, 2017: US Launches Campaign To Justify Military Action Against Syria


Chemical attack warning signals another US strike in Syria: Analyst

An ominous warning to the Syrian government against staging a chemical weapons attack indicates that the United States could be on the verge of another military strike inside Syria, an analyst say.


IDF targets Syrian positions in response to projectile hitting Golan Heights

Israel says it has struck the positions of Syrian government forces, after an errant projectile landed in the Golan Heights. It is the fourth such attack in the past week.


Syrian War Report – : Israel Supports Militant Advance In Quneitra


‘Taking full control of Mosul only days away’

Iraqi forces have made fresh gains against Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Mosul that brings them closer to taking full control of the city. The army captured two neighborhoods of Hadarat al-Sa’ada and Ahmadiya in the Old City area. They are located northwest of the historic Grand Nuri Mosque that Daesh Takfiris destroyed last week. Terrorists still control the mosque’s grounds and about half of the last territory they run in the Old City. Iraqi forces say they are only a few days away from dislodging Daesh Takfiri terrorists. It is estimated that up to 350 terrorists remain in the city. They are trying to slow the advance of Iraqi forces by laying booby traps and using bombers and snipers. The army launched an offensive to retake Mosul last October.





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