How State Sponsored Terror Has Moved to Cyberspace

You don’t need to look far to see how state-sponsored terror has entered cyberspace. While the media has no shortage of tragic incidents to scare people with, weaving fear online with government backing is far more efficient. Syria is a perfect example of mental terrorism designed to sell an agenda to people otherwise uninterested in a distant country’s politics. By creating a boogie-man out of another nation’s leader by spreading propaganda through news outlets, social media, and general disinformation, Assad (Syria’s president) becomes the new Saddam Hussein that must be stopped at all costs.

by Carla White, for The International Reporter: 

There are many reasons the government has moved their operations online. As you’ll see, it’s both because we’ve moved our interests there and because private entities go out of their way to make sure fictitious stories line every news page.

The Social Media Generation

What makes this generation unique is its incredible addiction to social media. Because virtually every device has internet access and an app that runs just about any social media platform we could want, people are constantly engaged with what they perceive as “the world.”

The nonstop flow of information has its advantages, to be sure—access to the net allows us to look up virtually any type of information on the fly without hesitation. While the quality of this info tends to be lower than in a published book, it’s frequently more current.

But on the flip side, social media is now the number one source of propaganda mind control. Every page is lined with ads that seem relevant to the viewer—or so we’ve been told. Facebook is the biggest perpetuator of this lie. They actually curate content to ensure if fits what they think you should be looking at, and that rarely includes dissenting viewpoints.

No surprise then that when something related to terror happens (or at least you’re told it happened), every single social media outlet floods with that information nonstop. And if you feel like going back to traditional news sources will give you a different perspective, think again. They’re all in this together to spread the same message, and that message is panic.

The echo chamber that is most social media feeds serves to further agitate anyone actually gripped to fear. By showing similar posts and comments, the viewer is led to believe that more people are affected worldwide than in reality.

“Fact Checkers”

Websites that purport to verify “facts” and debunk myths are some of my personal favorite shills of the state. Far from independent, these agents of the system reach far and wide to shut down any ideas that might suggest what you’re seeing on TV is anything but the absolute truth.

During the 2016 US presidential elections, we saw the most obvious version of state sponsored “fact checking” being done by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Throughout the debates, Clinton’s website had a fact-checking section available where you could visit to verify the “truth” of statements made by Donald Trump.

This was clearly aimed at those already in support of Hillary, as the ludicrous nature of their claims quickly became clear after reading just a few facts. Someone with no time to research was simply shooting down everything said by Trump during the debates, regardless of whether there was any evidence to the contrary.

Other more longstanding sites such as Snopes, FactCheck, and Politifact perform similar roles by casting doubt on opponents of the unified government. They also serve to create disharmony by perpetuating the illusion that there is any significant difference between America’s two political parties (spoilers: there isn’t).

NSA Spying

Since the passage of the Patriot Act following 9/11, the NSA has cast its web across the net. They began offline before the internet became truly mainstream—mostly monitoring phones, text messages, etc. But today, with social media booming and nearly all communication happening in the digital space, their reach has expanded tremendously.

We find ourselves under constant surveillance and threat of being added to the “watch list” when anyone discusses ideas that run counter to the government’s status quo. Major opponents of the government talk a good game but always live with the rattling certainty that they’re been watched.

Those attempting to avoid this massive invasion of privacy and trust typically take steps to protect themselves against monitoring. Some of the best methods include the use of VPNs or proxies, the use of handles online rather than a standard identity, encrypted email and never using mobile device GPS/location services.

Note that many home computers have a similar setting that can be disabled, though without some of the above steps, the effort is pointless. This is especially true for anyone already on the watchlist. 

Keeping Your Cool

Despite what underhanded tricks the state uses to drive us to fear, it’s our collective job to become resistant to these efforts. We need to come together and realize that annually, you’re 10x more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist as a US citizen (this number does go up if you live in a war zone, but they don’t call them war zones for nothing).

Approximately six Americans die each year because of terrorist activities; the risk is insignificant before even domestic violence and yet we spend billions each year perpetuating a never-ending war against the boogieman.

It’s time we come together and stop being afraid. Though the government might use the internet as its platform to spread fear to drive war, we have the power to outmaneuver their tricks and put an end to this.

Will you be a part of the solution? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

About the Author: Carla White is a social activist that advocates for independent thought and freedom against mental tyranny. Carla is part of the growing wave of skepticism against government sponsored abuse and is the managing editor of The Right Side Of Truth


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