Ukraine Kiev Junta Resorts To Terrorist Tactics In Donetsk, Donbass


3 floors destroyed in center Donetsk, institute of economics & trade


Donetsk emergencies minister suppose explosive device, more data after investigation


Aftermath of ‘explosive device’ blast at Donetsk university

Several buildings were severely damaged near the University of Commerce in central Donetsk on Thursday. Local sources believe that it may have been an attack caused by an ‘explosive device’. An assembly hall and utility rooms within the university complex were partially destroyed in the attack. ‘Preliminarily, judging from the nature of the damage, this was an explosive device,’ the head of the DPR’s emergency services Aleksey Kostrubitsky told journalists.


Donbass. Ceasefire under Threat

The Russian Foreign Ministry calls for strengthening international monitoring at the contact line of the parties in Donbass. OSCE observation, according to diplomats, must be conducted around the clock. In the Donetsk Republic alone, over ten cases of ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian army were recorded over the past 24 hours. Six settlements were under fire. Military correspondent of Vesti Alexander Sladkov reports from Gorlovka.





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