#Pedogate: Pedophilia Scourge Of The 21st Century Interviews, Views and Documentary

BREAKING: Massive PizzaGate Arrests – 3500 Busted!

A massive operation just came to a head that was carried out across southern California which swept up 238 child predators and traffickers — including clergymen attempting to buy a 6-year-old boy. Conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force, “Operation Broken Heart III” targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography.
Since Donald Trump became president, there have been more than 3,500 arrests for sex crimes ranging from trafficking to pedophilia. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!



“Emma” Part 1 – Married to an Elite Child Pornographer

This is Part 1 of a 5 Part Series of my conversation with “Emma”, her name and company she worked for with her husband has been redacted for her and her children’s safety. In this first segment, Emma explains first meeting her husband and then a few years later finding out his dark secret. He was obsessively collecting and creating hardcore porn as well as pornography involving children and animals. His obsession with gaining power by learning about and joining the so-called “Illuminati” after 9/11 was the first signal to Emma that her husband may be up to something sinister, and it goes much much deeper. Emma is currently in an undisclosed location and just yesterday had to flee with her boyfriend to another state, yet again. In the 4 upcoming segments of this interview, Emma discusses the code words her husband uses on the web that corroborate with the FBI Code Words, along with images and words used in the Pizzagate scandal, Podesta and STRATFOR emails. She shares other code words that most of us may not be familiar with and also other techniques that elite rings use to market child porn covertly on the internet.

“Emma” Part 2 – Married to an Elite Child Pornographer

Part 2 of Emma’s traumatic experience of being married to a sadistic child/bestiality pornographer working in elite circles.
All Names, Company Names, personal information and other identifying info has been redacted, cut out, and hidden to protect Emma and her children’s safety. Emma touches upon her incarceration after being attacked repeatedly by her husband. After finding out he had a few images of child porn on his computer, Emma called him out and he chased her up the stairs to attack her again, but this time, Emma wielded and shot her gun to deter him from beating her again and ended up facing a 2 year sentence. Emma also speaks about her young son’s involvement, Sony Capital Records, and Clinton Foundation connections, as well as the code words, tactics and deception used to cover up, discredit victims, and the Vault 7 technology that goes into the dark world of producing and protecting those involved in illegal child pornography.


The LGBT Video That Made God Cry (2017)



Fighting Back Against the Radical Pedophilia Movement – #PizzaGate

Take a stand against the effort to normalize acceptance of adult-child sexual relations and public tolerance of pedophilia. #PizzaGate


Sun, Sea & Satan (2014 Remake)


Some key points i’d like to share, taken from my reply to a conversation which took place yesterday (3rd March 2014) and has since disappeared (I haven’t deleted anything). St. Saviors Mental hospital: A skeleton carved possibly by a (possesed?) patient or a Masonic figure (skull n bones), it may be used for something (ritual).. the point is that it’s potentially something used or symbolic of witchcraft, not something which you would expect to find in a place which is supposed to be caring for the ‘mentally ill’

Interviews by Darren Antoshko: Of the handful of people that were interviewed, many stopped to chat and only one really stuck their neck out and said that the island’s authorities are corrupt. The message there, was that people knew about the murders/abuse but didn’t truly care and/or passively deny it. The same passive attitude or misled opinion is applied when voting in the corrupt.

The Charnwood (Or Charn Wood) house naked children’s monuments: Statues that resemble if a girl or boy is ‘available’. No ‘normal’ human has those things outside their home, and even if they do – they don’t turn them back and forth on a daily basis.

Lucifer: Another Masonic statue on this island, their god infact and yes Pagan or Luciferian, there can be a few interpretations


David Icke – Two Hour Special Royal/Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit

David Icke – Two Hour Special on Royal/Political Paedophilia Talking on the Richie Allen Show – How the Global Pieces Fit
















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