Josh Sigurdson’s Speech At The Red Pill Expo – Destroying Fake News And Being The Media

Josh Sigurdson wings an entire speech at the Red Pill Expo with little to no time to prepare and calls out the fake news mainstream media and gives examples of how they’ve lied and stooped to the depths of hell to propagate their narrative. The mainstream media claimed Josh had confronted autism children despite just saying hi and waving at them during a separate event during an autism march. The media did not contact him. Josh debunked a university dentist on fluoride after giving a 25 minute interview to the mainstream media. The media didn’t air the arguments and claimed he was debunked. Josh confronted Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada despite the press core demanding he ask pre-selected questions. The media claimed he swore at the Prime Minister in front of small children who were in reality no where in sight. This is how the insidious mainstream media operates. They are just part of the indoctrination alongside the public school system. The best way to educated oneself is to do so independently of some academic school or government funded indoctrination camp some call “public schools”. Statism must be called out. Collectivism must be called out. Red pills must be taken in every realm. Soon the dominoes will fall and the individual will prevail. First, individuals have to be the change they wish to see and stand up for individual liberty and truth on a far more broader, public scale.



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