On July 6th I received a STRIKE against my You Tube account for an interview with researcher Sofia Smallstorm. It was an interview that I uploaded and posted to You Tube … 22 MONTHS AGO. You Tube has removed the interview claiming that it violated the community guidelines which prohibit “predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying or intimidation.” Since the video has been removed by You Tube, I can no longer review it, but I can assure you that neither Sofia or I committed ANY of those violations as we discussed a shooting which occurred in Virginia. But since You Tube now acts as the judge, jury and executioner, FACTS no longer matter, only the charges, no matter how unfounded they may be. AIf You Tube can issue a strike against a conversation like that one, they can issue a strike against ANY content at ANY time for ANY reason.


Open Letter to YouTube

Regarding the “harrasment” and “bullying” strike against my video, “Was Christine Leionen as Sandy Hook?” The video in question can be viewed on VidMe here:






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